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Is It Just Me? Or Is This Movie Just a Gay Truth About Cats and Dogs?

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Is it just me movie

Postby Dikazahn В» 19.08.2019


It is the small indie gay romance film that could. Is It Just Me? Blaine finds out that it is not always easy to find what you are looking for.

Blaine is your classic hopeless romantic. He just wants to find someone to get to know, he is not just looking for sex but rather a relationship, which you learn right from the beginning. Blaine honestly thinks he is the only one that is not in it just for the sex.

Just when he feels like it is impossible for him to meet such man, he finds someone online who appears to be looking for a relationship as well. They quickly move their correspondence from online to the phone. That goes very well talking for hours and hours on end. Saying they hit it off would be an understatement. Which Blaine finds out when the new boyfriend thinks it is his roommate that he is talking to.

This is when the film begins to get real interesting. In essence, Cameron is the complete opposite of Blaine. The acting did not suffer from such inconsistency, however, that is not to say it was all good.

In fact, the main character, Blaine, seemed as if he were reading the lines instead of acting out the lines. What was supposed to be shyness and awkwardness came out underwhelming and forced.

Calciano, who did a pretty outstanding job even though as a whole it was not emotionally attaching. I still found myself waiting to see what happens next. And even though the ending is somewhat predictable, it was still quite enjoyable.

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Just Me - Short Film. Dir. Mickey Jones, time: 11:01
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Re: is it just me movie

Postby Nikosida В» 19.08.2019

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Re: is it just me movie

Postby Fegis В» 19.08.2019

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Re: is it just me movie

Postby Morg В» 19.08.2019

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